Monday, June 15, 2009

Mother Nature

Mother Nature can be cruel and her toll on our collective psyche has been relentless here in the northeast. It has been a record rainy season. Five days of rain and an afternoon of sun has been the status quo. With June 21st approaching, it is highly probably we will never see any spring whatsoever. I will soldier on despite her utter disregard for my love affair with sun and blue skies.

I digress...Recently Joe D. put up photos of some old abandoned places he use to visit a decade ago and they brought me back to my childhood. We used to journey way out past the tobacco fields where the woods would begin and civilization seemed to disappear. I remember one particular occasion we found a car in the middle of the woods, something from the fifties or early sixties if I do recall. We pondered who pushed it out there and why.

I realize now that Mother Nature answers to no one. At some point in time, maybe there was a dirt road. A road which had long been obscured by her unending desire to regrow and change the landscape without regard for the squatters on her world.