Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Robots Luv Creme Filling

This is like a pre-show announcement/show announcement. My partner in crime Joe Dinunzio and I are organizing another exhibition of six folks this fall.

Joe wants to do another fun theme this time around. Something about robots, twinkies, his mother's brassiere and global warming. I can only image what kind of crazy stuff we will have on the walls. Stay tuned for more details.

I whipped this sketch out this weekend inbetween B-B-Q's, cocktails and coffee. I love it when I have days off with good weather.

Domo arigato!


Joseph A. Dinunzio said...

Wait...are you saying that my mother's brassiere is responsible for global warming? Look just because my Mom has Robotic Breast that dispense twinkies, doesn't mean she is polluting the environment. Her boobs are totally green.

Joseph said...

There are so many responses to that rant Joseph.
Where should I start?
but alas...I am supposed to be retouching photos for Seventeen Magazine...back to work I go.

Joseph A. Dinunzio said...

You've won this round...until next time!
And oh yeah I like the illy.

Bite the Weenie said...

naughty robot love